NBT retrofit in 2008 328xi
My car is 2008 328xi. I bought my car 2 years ago. Previous owner installed CIC kit from bimmerretrofit. Soon after, I installed rear-view camera from the same company. Now, NBT retrofit is exist for E-series, and after thinking a lot and saving €€€, I am ready to install NBT kit in my car.

I buyed complete NBT kit from bimmerretrofit, and just received it today. All parts are packed good and safe. The kit include following:

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NBT EVO retrofit in E89
While it is a complete retrofit, and the actual car to NBT interface is plug and play, the installation is a lot of custom work. The 8.8 inch screen does fit nearly perfectly in to the Z4's CID flip up module, but you will need to modify both the screen (cutting off a lot of metal to get it to fit in the available space ), and the CID module itself to get the screen to fit flush with the plastic. I then used some 3M double sided adhesive to mount it. I was unable to get the actual electronic open/close......click to read the full story

CIC retrofit in 2007 E92
I did a CCC to CIC exchangement from Bimmer Retrofit and it was fantastic (I have a 2007 E92) and now I just got a Combox Media and BMW apps from them. Even before I changed the CCC to CIC, I read a lot of comments and reviews on different suppliers and I decided to buy at Bimmer Retrofit. Their high level of professionalism and impeccable customer support instilled confidence. I was not wrong and I was absolutely pleased with the kit and service that I received. ...click to read the full story

CIC retrofit in 2012 F10
It was a fast and easy transaction with a very quick TNT shipment. The parts are all in very good shape as advertised. I should acknowledge lovely Kate (Bimmer-retrofit customer service) and Vlad (Bimmer-Retrofit coding technician) for their kind and perfect service Thanks guys...click to read the full story

CIC retrofit in B5
I contacted Bimmer Retrofit first with a series of questions. I stated what my ultimate objectives were for the retrofit, namely - Seamless iPod integration, bluetooth phone integration, including email (BMW "Office" functionality), with future scalability for rear parking camera at a later date. And basically understand what, at a minimum, I needed to do to achieve these objectives.

Kate, from Bimmer Retrofit took a lot of time in detailing all the various options and pricing, and added functionality of each. This raised a number of additional questions and clarifications, which the overall email discussion took about 3-4 days to get to the point where I felt well informed on the best way forward.

This meant Bimmer Retrofit (Kate) took a lot of time and patience dealing with my nth degree interrogation, which I was highly appreciative of. In the meantime, I find another company that has a local "official" installer, named BimmerTech. I reach out to the local contact but he's away for Ramadan, so I get in touch with Patryk. Reviews for this company on-line seem pretty good, so I asked Patryk essentially the same questions I asked Kate to see if there is any variance in answer, and if someone tries to upsell me.

The response I got back was basically a one liner, saying it'll cost "about" X amount of money. I asked for that to be itemized and again get another one liner email. It was clear that the time and effort spent by Kate in detailing out answers to my questions and transparency was light years ahead of what they had to offer, so despite the whole thing being a bit more expensive, I decided to go with Bimmer Retrofit....click to read the full story

Non-iDrive to iDrive conversion E90
I actually always wanted to get this but the one thing holding me back was high cost and finding a fully capable person of doing it. I finally found out there was a Montreal company selling the full retrofit kit conveniently near me (Bimmer Retrofit). At first i was alittle hesitant because of the cost but after asking 3-4 dealers , his prices were very competitive and i guess being local the shipping rates enticed me.

I told him the only way i would order it is if i knew someone locally in Toronto that could handle it since i think requires not only knowledge of doing it but experience of doing it without breaking stuff apart. They recommended me to JR Electronics in Oakville and had all my stuff delivered to them directly. These guys were the best, they charged me very good price and worked pretty quick. 2 days later i have everything setup and running so i'm extremely happy without any problems or hiccups to the installation. Highly recommend since they did very quick / fast / good priced job for me. Doing it is one thing on top of that you need to program it too!...click to read the full story

Rear-view camera retrofit
I wanted to do this review for quite some time now, but never got to it until now. For a while I wanted to install a rear-view camera in my 2009 E92, because in a coupe it can sometimes be difficult to see what's going on in the back, and I wanted to avoid accidents, dents and scratches as much possible, and the rear-view camera is a great prevention against all that (especially because I let my gf take the car sometimes )

I had a few options to chose from, but decided to go with Bimmer Retrofit (one of the vendors here, www.bimmerretrofit.com). There were a few things that were important to me and Bimmer Retrofit met all that criteria. ...click to read the full story

CIC retrofit in 2008 E60 
I have BMW e60 523I LCI MY 2008, it was not equipped with navigation system and it just had CD M-ASK drive and CD changer. I ordered my CIC retrofit kit from Bimmer retrofit Canada, I have BMW e60 523I LCI MY 2008, it was not equipped with navigation system and it just had CD M-ASK drive and CD changer. I ordered my CIC retrofit kit from Bimmer retrofit Canada. My experience with Bimmer Retrofit is great as the CIC kit is in very good condition and their support is really wonderful, i recommend them to any one want to do retrofit for his BMW. ...click to read the full story.

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