NBT (EVO) Retrofit Adapter for pre-LCI F-Series (FeNBT)

NBT (EVO) Retrofit Adapter for pre-LCI F-Series (FeNBT)
NBT (EVO) Retrofit Adapter for pre-LCI F-Series (FeNBT) NBT (EVO) Retrofit Adapter for pre-LCI F-Series (FeNBT) NBT (EVO) Retrofit Adapter for pre-LCI F-Series (FeNBT)
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* PNP Wiring Harness with iDrive touch wiring:

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NBT F-Series (FeNBT) MOST Adapter for pre-LCI models


Module allows to install NBT and NBT Evo Navigation systems to the BMW F-series pre LCI models F01, 02, 03, 07, 10, 11, 12, 18, 25 manufactured before July 2012.

Most of functions are supported (music from steering wheel selection, NightVision controls, etc).

While installing the NBT in to the F series vehicle you may face a problem of the CAN bus speed synchronization issues.

This module allows you to get that problem soved and makes installation of the NBT and NBT Evo systems in to preLCI F series BMWs straight forward and quick.

Also Nav and Voice activation is the part of this module. Headunit is required to have apropriate FSC codes inside.

Online product activation is required (http://www.enbtadapter.com)


The main advantages of our Hardware Activator are:

- Designed and Developed in Canada by professionals in Electronic and Programming fields

- Guaranteed to work better than any competitors devices

- No lags and black screens

- Easy to install (different versions are available for installatiion)*

- Attractive pricing, better than any competitors offer

- Can be used with F01, 02, 07, 10, 18, etc pre LCI F series models

- Provided to you by real North American supplier

- Most of functions in your vehicle are supported**

- Made in Canada with proud!


Firmware updates are available to all of our customers. Latest firmware update can be downloaded here.
*PDC and HDC buttons requires wires splicing.
**HUD controls functionality is supported by NBT headunits HW07,08 with built in gyro

Download FeNBT PreLCI F series Retrofit Adapter Manual

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